Ben Godfrey’s leadership has made an important difference to the

development of our City.  Some of our successes include:                             

Indio has achieved a balanced budget for 13 straight years.

Established an experienced management team.

Maintained highly qualified, trained and dedicated police, fire and paramedic personnel to serve our community.

Developed quality housing, commercial, industrial and retail opportunities.

Doubled the size of our water delivery system and built new reservoirs.

Re-built streets, bridges, parks and pipelines city wide.                                                                       

Constructed two new state of the art fire stations.

Teens and seniors are benefitting from new modern buildings.

Promoted the development of the Target & Home Depot retail centers.

Supported the growth and development of Indio’s Cultural Museum.

Restored the animal shelter and dog park.

Helped establish The Indio Performing Arts Center in Old Town.

Assembled land in the Old Town for future development.

Built a new Public Works & Water Authority Headquarters to meet the needs of a growing community.